Welcome to the Extend Health Blog

March 19, 2010

I’m Bryce Williams, founder, president and CEO of Extend Health. My position at the helm of the largest private Medicare insurance exchange gives me plenty of opportunity to see first  hand the challenges facing individuals who have long depended on their employer’s retirement benefits for health insurance but are being asked to take responsibility for their own health care decisions and coverage.

It also gives me a unique perspective on how health care policy and financial accounting rules affect the growing US retiree population as well as public and private sector organizations and ultimately the US economy.

When companies first decide to move from a group retiree plan, it may feel like a longstanding promise is being broken. In reality, making this move lets employers keep and sustain their promises.

 I’m happy to report that most of the folks we work with end up with better coverage than they had under their old group insurance policy – most of the time for less money. Meanwhile their former employer is able to reduce the fiscal burden on the company while still taking care of its retiree population – a true win win situation for everyone involved.

And that’s what Extend Health is all about: removing wasteful spending on healthcare coverage so everyone benefits. Medicare recipients get the best value for their coverage dollar, while corporations improve their financial position and sustain the promise of helping subsidize retiree coverage for a far longer period of time. For our growing public sector clients, we taxpayers get more buying power to support retiree healthcare coverage for our city’s or county’s employees –all without breaking the bank or contributing to a potential bond default in a tough economy.  

The Extend Health blog is a place for us to share our retirees’ and clients’ experience with a Medicare exchange, let you know what’s happening on the front lines of Medicare, and provide links to timely, interesting and useful news and information for all of our community. We’ll keep our finger on the pulse of developments in this field and offer our thoughts on ways to make things better.

We are excited about developing another way to talk to members of the Extend Health Community and look forward to beginning another dialog.  We’re also interested in recruiting some of our retiree community to contribute to the blog– we’d love to hear your perspective and learn from your experience.  Please feel free to leave a comment here, or email me, ceo@extendhealth.com, or my team, blog@extendhealth.com, if you’re interested in contributing.

One Response to “Welcome to the Extend Health Blog”

  1. They might pay for healthcare reform with MEANINGFUL malpractice reform. Simply make it which means you have to get through a panel of exeperts (not only doctors) to file an instance, and limit lawyers fees to resonable fees that resemble what a doctor makes looking after a medicare patient. If your lawyer simply billed by the hour coupled with to possess a legitimate case to move forward, this problem would disappear. In stead they are after the lottery, bringing baseless cases forward and then try to force a settlement. They joke about obtaining the coveted “brain dead baby” case in which the lawyers know they will make huge bank, even if the doctors and hospitals do nothing at all wrong. Take away the malpractice lottery piece and pay the lawyers a medicare rate to take care of the patients (Fixed government fees with 90-day globals) and also the truly meritorious cases will move forward and there is going to be no incentive to bring the bogus cases forward. And also the docs will stop practicing defensive medicince,that will save billions more than Obama will admit.

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