5 Ways Health Care Reform is Actually Good for Seniors on Medicare

May 18, 2010

The media has made many seniors quite fearful of Medicare cuts in the new health care bill. For example, some press coverage has suggested potential hikes in premiums, loss of certain benefits, and even the complete loss of Medicare – making recipients very worried about their futures.

This article over at RetireNet.com separates fact from fiction, providing a clear summary of how things may change. It even offers up the top 5 ways seniors will benefit from the reform. They are:

  1. Provide a $250 rebate on prescription drug spending this year.
  2. Close the donut hole.
  3. Make preventive care and annual checkups FREE.
  4. Reduce fraud and abuse.
  5. Invest in quality, patient safety, and innovation.

Read this comprehensive outline to gain a full understanding of how health care reform will actually be good for Medicare recipients.

Extend Health is now providing articles to RetireNet.com as the resident expert on Medicare for their 103,000+ members. Our published articles will help Medicare recipients understand some of the changes brought about by the health care reform law. We’ve agreed to provide regular content to the RetireNet community around this important and sometimes confusing topic.

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