Retirement Benefits: How to Fight the Budget Shortage

May 26, 2010

The Pew Center on the States published an eye-opening report earlier this year. “The Trillion Dollar Gap,” examines the gap that exists between the $2.3 trillion participating localities have set aside to pay for employees’ retirement benefits and the $3.3 trillion price tag of those promises.

The New York Times recently published short essays by a number of experts who offer possible solutions, and discuss the ways some states are trying to address the problem. Links to the essays can be found here.

The essays — by people such as Cynthia B. Green, a former member of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, senior Manhattan Institute Fellow E.J. McMahon, and Alicia H. Munnel, Peter F. Drucker professor of management sciences at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management and director of the college’s Center for Retirement Research – are eye-opening and thoughtful.

3 Responses to “Retirement Benefits: How to Fight the Budget Shortage”

  1. Martin Giglio said

    Your blog is very helpful and interesting.

    Does Extend Health provide an enrollment guide to help retirees decide how to enroll in Medicare. If so, how may I obtain a copy.

    • cholla45 said

      Hi Martin,
      We have all kinds of helpful tools on line at After you enter your age, zip code and a couple of other questions about your health status, you’ll be able to compare the plans available in your area. No personal contact information required, so you can use is as an information resoource without concern that someone will try to sell you someting. As well, our benefit advisors are available by phone and you are welcome to call and ask them questions.

    • cholla45 said

      Sorry – forgot to say – there’s plenty of information on the enrollment process on the web site (just browse through the section titled “Understanding Medicare”). As well, benefit advisors can answer your questions about enrollment. The toll free number is 1-866-322-2824.

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