Extend Health Announces $1 Billion Saved For U.S. Employers

June 9, 2010

Our company announced today that we have crossed the threshold of $1 billion in savings for U.S. employers that provide retiree health benefits.  The savings are a result of using the Extend Health insurance exchange to remove wasteful administrative costs and market inefficiencies from the health care system, while empowering consumers with choice.  Extend Health CEO Bryce Williams says, “Our experience demonstrates that exchanges provide a unique and powerful way for employers to meet their health care obligations while managing costs. Exchanges offer a rational and predictable way for employers to subsidize health care for the foreseeable future.” The Extend Health Exchange opened for business on November 15, 2006 and has served more than 250,000 retirees sponsored by some of the nation’s largest companies, including each of the “Big Three” auto manufacturers, as well as a growing number of public sector employers. Read the whole story on insurancenewsnet.com.

One Response to “Extend Health Announces $1 Billion Saved For U.S. Employers”

  1. This is the health insurance that I’m looking for.

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