Latest Kaiser Poll Shows Unfavorable Views of Reform Dropping

July 29, 2010

The latest Kaiser Family Foundation health tracking poll shows some interesting results. The number of people with an unfavorable view of reform has dropped to 35%, from 41% last month, but the number who have a favorable view has only increased by 2%, up to 50%.

This month’s poll took a closer look at the attitudes of seniors, who’ve been the most unfavorable group overall so far. This and an earlier survey by the National Council on Aging give an indication why: both show that a majority of seniors are misinformed about key components of the bill, with many believing that it cuts basic Medicare benefits, institutes so-called “death panels,” and will weaken the financial condition of the Medicare fund. A majority are unaware of new benefits for Medicare recipients such as free preventive screening and yearly checkups.

2 Responses to “Latest Kaiser Poll Shows Unfavorable Views of Reform Dropping”

  1. jackwbruce said

    While there will be continued complaints about government control and the price tag, the more people come to understand “some” of the tenets of HCR they will appreciate “some” of it. It’s difficult to argue against initiatives toward preventative care, access to OB-GYN docs, and benefits for children. As people come to experience what HCR offers them, they will begin turning a deaf ear to the negative political talking heads. HCR is not perfect, but it does address issues that are long overdue for being addressed.

  2. Agreed! At Extend Health we hope Medicare recipients will start to understand that the reform bill doesn’t cut their Medicare benefits and in fact adds some great new benefits.

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