Latest Medicare Confidence survey: confidence holding steady

November 3, 2010

We’ve just fielded our quarterly Medicare confidence survey, the third in the series. We sent out the first one right before the passage of the PPACA, a second in June, and this one, conducted on the eve of the November 2nd midterm elections.  This independent survey of 431 retirees covered by Medicare revealed that 63% of retirees are not confident that Medicare will be there for the rest of their children’s lives. Yet, 60% are “very” or “somewhat” confident Medicare will be available for the rest of their own lives.

This survey was fielded October 20-31, 2010, and showed that retiree confidence levels in Medicare have remained steady throughout the year. Read on for the full results from all three surveys.

Detailed results from the 2010 surveys are as follows:

 How confident are you that Medicare will be available for the rest of your life?

 Confidence Level – Self                      October           June                 March

Very confident                                    14%                 19%                 16%                  

Somewhat confident                         46%                 45%                 43%                            

Unsure                                                   12%                 11%                   9%                

Not confident                                      28%                 24%                 32%                            

Don’t care                                                1%                   1%                     —                                                                                 

How confident are you that Medicare will be available for the rest of your children’s lives?

Confidence Level – Children              October           June                 March

Very confident                                      2%                   3%                    4%

Somewhat confident                           17%                 20%                 16%                

Unsure                                                     17%                 14%                 17%                            

Not confident                                       63%                 61%                 62%

Don’t care                                               1%                   2%                   1%

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