Latest KFF/Harvard poll on health care reform out today

January 25, 2011

Titled The Public’s Health Care Agenda for the 112th Congress and fielded just before the repeal vote, the latest Kaiser Family Foundation/Harvard School of Public Health poll results are out today.  Unfavorable views on PPACA, which had been dropping in recent months, took a sharp turn upward to 50% (from a low of 40% in November) while favorable views dropped to 41% – with sharp divisions in opinion along party lines.

Paradoxically, many provisions of the reform bill are viewed favorably by a majority of respondents, including reducing payments to Medicare Advantage plans (56% favorable vs. 35% unfavorable), the 50% discount on drugs in the Part D doughnut hole (85% favorable vs. 14% unfavorable) and increasing Medicare premiums for some higher-income seniors (53% favorable vs. 45% unfavorable). Majorities favor provisions that will expand coverage, but are opposed to individual and employer mandates.

Recommended reading, especially the Chartpak.

One Response to “Latest KFF/Harvard poll on health care reform out today”

  1. […] in the health care reform bill is the controversy over the individual mandate.  A majority of those polled say they approve of many or all of the bill’s provisions –except for the […]

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