What happens to health care reform without the mandate?

February 4, 2011

Another Bryce Williams thought piece has just been published on insurancenewsnet.com.  In the wake of Florida judge Roger Vinson’s decision this week that the individual mandate is both unconstitutional and not separable from the reform legislation, it’s especially timely. The article takes a look at how critical the mandate is to the success of reform – and explains why it isn’t essential (and so should be separable). According to Bryce, “As CEO of a company that runs the nation’s largest private Medicare exchange, I have six years of experience proving that mandates don’t really matter and that people who are empowered to purchase an individual plan that meets their needs at prices they can afford will buy.”  Read the whole article for his explanation of how guaranteed issue, standardized plan design, and empowered consumers are the real keys to making health care reform work.

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