Microsoft partners with Extend Health

February 8, 2011

Extend Health is the only partner included in today’s announcement of Microsoft’s new turnkey solution for state health insurance exchanges. Our exchange platform is an integral piece of the solution; you can read the full press release here.

“Microsoft’s State Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) solutions include several core Microsoft and partner technologies and allow state and government agencies to choose a single interoperable framework that connects new and existing government and private sector systems within a consistent architecture. Among Microsoft’s partners is Extend Health, Inc., which operates the largest private Medicare health insurance exchange in the country….”

Jack Hersey, General Manager of the US Healthcare & Social Services group for Microsoft, has this to say: 

“How do we make it simple? We bring in proven, experienced partners, like Extend Health, whose service center technology runs on our foundational platform. Extend Health currently operates the largest private Medicare health insurance exchanges in the country, and the state of Nevada is already working with Extend Health to move Medicare-eligible retired government workers from group Medicare insurance to private coverage. So, by leveraging our core platform technology with the expertise of our partner ecosystem, we can dramatically expedite the time to implementation for a state HIX.

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