Seniors like PPACA less than ever – latest KFF poll reveals

February 24, 2011

Latest Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll comes in with some surprising results. The headline news – that 22% of respondents think PPACA has been repealed, and another 26% aren’t sure – isn’t the finding of most interest for us at Extend Health. We know that the law has never been liked by retirees on our advisory panel, but we’re surprised to learn just how unpopular it is with older Americans in the latest Kaiser poll. Unfavorable views among people 65 and older are at their highest level since the bill passed: 59%, a 19% increase since the low of 40% last December. Favorable/unfavorable ratings over all age groups are much more evenly divided, with 43% favorable, 47% unfavorable. We’re curious about readers’ opinions on this recent rapid uptick in unfavorability among Medicare-eligible individuals. The level of anti-reform rhetoric has always been high, so that doesn’t seem to be a likely cause of a sudden increase.  Is this latest poll result related to the repeal vote in the House of Representatives? If so, what’s the relationship? Are seniors reflecting a fear that reform will diminish or eliminate benefits they’ve come to depend on? That their medical costs will rise as a result? Comments welcome – we’re interested in your take on these latest results.

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