Happy Anniversary, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act!

March 24, 2011

It’s been a year since President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) into law. While it’s not perfect, we at Extend Health expect that over the long term the Affordable Care Act will help moderate health care insurance premiums and put downward pressure on health care costs. One thing hasn’t change since the bill’s passage: people’s opinions remain either strongly for or against the current health care legislation, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change much any time soon. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a few of what we think are the more informed and least biased opinions expressed in this week’s news articles and blog posts commemorating the anniversary. We thought you might enjoy reading and commenting on them.

The Washington Post, The Fix
The health care stalemate
By Rachel Weiner

One full year after President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (aka the health care bill) into law, public opinion on it has been remarkably unaffected by the massive amounts of spin put out by both sides over the last 365 days.

Kaiser Health News
On Health Law’s Anniversary: Predictions For Next Year
By KHN Staff

The health care law has been on a roller coaster ride since its passage one year ago, moving forward with implementation plans even as opponents throw up legal and legislative challenges to stop it in its tracks. At Kaiser Health News, we wondered where these moving parts might be in March 2012, at the measure’s two-year mark. So we asked players and experts from across the nation what they thought the landscape would be like – and, in their view, should be like. They discussed issues ranging from the new insurance marketplaces called exchanges to the future of accountable care organizations: combinations of hospitals, doctors and sometimes insurers. Here are their edited responses…

The Washington Post, Ezra Klein
Polling the health-care law at one year
By Ezra Klein

CNN’s latest poll on health-care reform shows what pretty much every other poll on health-care reform shows: The law is unpopular, but the group of people who either like it or want a more liberal one is larger than the group of people who don’t like it and either want a more conservative law or no law at all. As CNN’s Deputy Political Director Paul Steinhauser writes…

Happy Birthday, Health Care Reform
by Kent Hoover

The groundbreaking bill is celebrating its one-year anniversary, but small-business owners and industry watchdogs are still divided on whether the Affordable Care Act helps them or hurts them.

The Wonk Room
Massachusetts Joins Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals In Supporting The Affordable Care Act
By Ian Millhiser

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney signs the template for the Affordable Care Act into law
Throughout the meritless litigation challenging the Affordable Care Act, one trend has been clear. Organizations that actually know something about health care — the American Hospital Association, the American Cancer Society, the American Nurses Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and similar organizations — have enthusiastically filed briefs supporting the ACA.

ABC News
Health Care Law’s First Anniversary: Why Haven’t Americans Seen Changes Yet?
Many New Provisions Already in Effect; Many Affect Only a Narrow Range of Population

Health Care Law’s First Anniversary: Why Haven’t Americans Seen Changes Yet?
Many New Provisions Already in Effect; Many Affect Only a Narrow Range of Population

The Daily Beast
More Politics Health-Care Reform’s Big One-Year Anniversary
by Andy Stern

One year after President Obama signed health-care reform into law, former Services Employees International Union president Andy Stern says the bill truly is, in Vice President Biden’s famous words, a “big [expletive] deal”—and that the GOP will never get it repealed.

Defund! Repeal! It’s unconstitutional! The vitriolic attacks from the Tea Party, RepealItNow.org, and certain members of Congress are designed to keep people from understanding what “Obamacare” really means.

First Anniversary Approaches for Health Care Reform Law
by Mike Hall

The Affordable Care Act turns one year old Wednesday and hundreds of events are scheduled around the country to mark the health care reform law’s anniversary and fight back against Republican attempts to repeal the law.

CBS St. Louis
First Anniversary of Health Care Reform

CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois’ top insurance regulator contends consumers are better protected today because of the national health law that celebrates its first anniversary Wednesday.

Health care reform law celebrates one-year anniversary to mixed reviews
by Molly Harbarger

The health care reform act turns 1 year old today, and both Democrats and Republicans want to crash its party.

Senior Journal.com
New Free Medicare Annual Wellness Checkup Drawing Many Senior Citizens to the Doctor
New preventive services will lower Medigap costs, cost sharing; help employers and states

The new free annual wellness visit added to Medicare coverage for senior citizens and others in the program by the Affordable Care Act has brought more than 150,000 into medical offices in less than two months, according to information released by Health and Human Services.

Action for Better Healthcare
Healthcare reform news, how hospitals will change
By Kester Freeman, Former CEO, Palmetto Health

As we mark the one year anniversary of President Obama signing healthcare reform into law, it is important to think about how hospitals are preparing for new rules and regulations and how patients view these expected changes. Many hospitals are anticipating taking on a new business model that is often referred to as “accountable care”. Accountable care will change how hospitals are reimbused by the federal government and the change is meant to be a fundamental shift away from quantity of services, to reimbursement based on the “quality” of the care patients receive.

The Hill
OVERNIGHT HEALTH: Anniversary day approaches
By Healthwatch staff

Anniversary day: After two weeks of solid buildup from lawmakers and interest groups, Wednesday marks the one-year anniversary of healthcare reform’s enactment. There will be no shortage of events to mark the day.

Health Care
30 Ways to Cut Health Care Costs
How to pay the lowest price without sacrificing quality
By Kimberly Lankford, Contributing Editor

If you’re like most Americans, you’re shouldering a larger portion of your health care costs. But as more insurers raise deductibles and switch from fixed-dollar co-payments to coinsurance — which bases out-of-pocket expenses on a percentage of the total costs — you have an incentive to take more control over how much you spend

2 Responses to “Happy Anniversary, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act!”

  1. Wolfmoss said

    What will change if america can not handle this health care? What if the average family can not afford these policys and affore preinsurence towards “copays”? There are many questions why can people see what understand that money is a big factor and so is time consumtion.

    • cholla45 said

      These are interesting questions. There are a few things in the bill aimed at making insurance affordable for everyone, including subsidies to help pay for it if an individual’s or family’s income is low. If a person truly can’t afford the premiums, even with help from subsidies, they can file for an exemption from the mandate and will not have to buy insurance.

      We also believe, based on our experience with our Medicare exchange, that competition on the state exchanges will help keep premiums in line over time. Insurance carriers will have to compete for business more than they have had to do in the past, and they will be motivated to work with their health care providers to find ways to moderate costs.

      That said, there’s a lot more that needs to be done to stop the rapid increase in the cost of health care in this country. The biggest flaw in the reform as far as we’re concerned is that it doesn’t do enough to moderate rising health care costs, which is what drives increases in insurance premiums.

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