Hot Topics in Medicare and Health Insurance

May 6, 2011

With so much going on in Health care these days, it can be hard to keep up. Below you’ll find some articles that we thought were very interesting and thought provoking. We thought you might enjoy reading and commenting on them.

How Health Insurers Can Avoid Being Blockbuster in a Netflix World

As millions of Americans wait poised to begin shopping for health insurance via public and private exchanges, will consumers finally take their place in the driver’s seat when it comes to selecting and purchasing healthcare?

The Ryan Plan

Paul Ryan’s proposal to make Medicare a voucher system isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but such a system has to be calibrated right if it isn’t going to shift too much of the cost of health care onto the shoulders of seniors. That’s why the analysis by the Bipartisan Policy Center is a must-read to understand how the Ryan proposal would work out over the coming years.

Can Berwick Be Saved? Here’s One Possible Scenario

Berwick has announced a number of key initiatives recently. Can CMS utilize its tools to promote value effectively without his leadership?

The Partnership for Patients: The Inside Scoop on a Game Changing Safety Initiative

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and Medicare chief Don Berwick announced the Partnership for Patients  initiative, “which aims to decrease preventable harm in U.S. hospitals by 40 percent and preventable readmissions by 20 percent by 2013.”

Launching Accountable Care Organizations — The Proposed Rule for the Medicare Shared Savings Program

As one of the first health care delivery-reform initiative under the Affordable Care Act, ACOs are just one of many initiatives under the ACA charged with achieving their three-part aim: better care, better health, and slower growth in costs. The CMS believes ACOs will be a very important tool to help Medicare beneficiaries get high quality care.

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