Proposed regulations for state-run exchanges released; Extend Health offers four keys for success

July 11, 2011

In response to the draft requirements for state-run health insurance exchanges released today by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Extend Health CEO Bryce Williams talked about “Four Keys to Building An Effective Health Insurance Exchange” in a press release we posted today. We believe these four keys can serve as best practice guidelines for states as they prepare to meet the 2014 deadline for health care insurance exchanges.

Williams says that, “Based on our experience, there are four keys to building an effective exchange that will meet the minimum requirements proposed by the HHS today and meet the goal of extending health insurance to all Americans.” The four keys are:

  1. A dynamic exchange architecture and flexible tools that allow for the inevitable evolution and change that state exchanges will undergo, with minimal re-engineering.
  2. Standardization of processes that make data exchange and communications between all the players in a state exchange seamless and efficient, in addition to the mandated standardization of health plans which makes plan comparisons and purchase decisions easier for consumers.
  3. A scalable platform that can grow to handle the millions of consumers and the tens or hundreds of millions of transactions and interactions expected of a robust exchange.
  4. A great consumer experience that makes it easy for consumers to determine eligibility, make informed choices, purchase and enroll in health plans, pay premiums and manage coverage, including reimbursements.

The Extend Health exchange platform is the only one in the industry that enables end-to-end electronic transmission of enrollment information with interoperability between the exchange and insurance carriers. This interoperability promotes accurate and efficient enrollment, premium administration, claims processing and reimbursements. Extend Health’s licensed benefit advisors work in U.S. call centers where state-of-the-art routing systems direct every caller to an advisor with the appropriate licensure and insurance appointments that match the caller’s geographic area and available plans. Advanced decision support tools help benefit advisors provide clear and concise guidance and support, and make it easy for retirees to select the private Medicare coverage that best suits their needs.

Visit Extend Health — the nation’s largest private Medicare exchange.

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