$410 billion health care savings proposed to the Super Committee

September 15, 2011

Healthcare leaders asked the congressional “super committee” this week to include their new cost saving proposal in its deficit reduction plan. Based on published projections, including estimates from the Congressional Budget Office, the proposal would save $410 billion over 10 years and improve Medicare’s sustainability over the long term. Endorsed by the Healthcare Leadership Council, the proposal contains four recommendations.

  • Develop a Medicare Exchange where private plans could compete on cost, quality and value
  • Raise the Medicare eligibility age gradually over 10 years to 67
  • Make cost-sharing uniform, with reasonable deductibles and co-pays, and cap annual out-of-pocket costs.
  • Implement medical liability reform that caps certain damages, limits litigation filing to within one year of injury, and ensures defendants pay appropriate damages

According to HLC President Mary R. Grealy these recommendations, “will contribute to deficit reduction without placing an unfair or disproportionate burden on patients, healthcare consumers or our most vulnerable citizens.”

The HLC’s 50 members comprise a who’s who of health industry participants including pharmaceutical companies, insurance carriers, health care providers and others. Among some of the best known names: Aetna, the Mayo Clinic, Eli Lilly, Walgreens, and Weight Watchers. See the full list on the HLC Member Page.

You can find more details here.

5 Responses to “$410 billion health care savings proposed to the Super Committee”

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  2. What is the deal, are they stupid or what? Lower the age to zero, everybody pays in that wants to, whats wrong with that now?

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  4. […] $410 billion health care savings proposed to the Super Committee (extendhealth.wordpress.com […]

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