Who’s keeping quiet on repealing the ACA?

November 8, 2011

Opponents of the ACA have been fighting to strike it down ever since it was passed into law. While some of the uproar against health care reform may have diminished over time, criticism is expected to pick up again as the Supreme Court considers taking up the case against it.

This recent article “Follow the Money: How Industry Is Lobbbying to Preserve Reform Law” takes an interesting look at who’s for the new health care law and who’s against it . . . and who’s keeping quiet.

Author Dan Diamond asserts that the health industry has remained quiet on the repeal of health care reform because “health insurance companies, device manufacturers, and many provider associations have strong financial motives to keep the ACA in place.”

One of the common allegations from opponents is that the ACA imposes restrictions that are tantamount to a government takeover of the health care system. Despite those assertions, Diamond suggests that the health care industry is staying quiet because it is “hedging its bets” and doesn’t want to “alienate an administration that holds huge sway over their bottom lines.”

To support his position, the author sites data on lobbying efforts and campaign contributions. Whether he’s right or not, it makes for some interesting reading. We’d be interested in your comments on Diamond’s argument, as well as on the issue of the health care industry’s stake in preserving the ACA. What happens to the insurance industry, for example, if the Supreme Court strikes down the individual mandate but keeps the rest of the law in place?

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