Medical Hotspotting: When Treating Patients Like Criminals Makes Sense

November 23, 2011

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Fast Company just published my latest post on medical hotspotting on the Fast Company Co-Exist blog. Here’s a snip; follow the link to read more.

Medical hotspotting traces its roots to a law enforcement strategy that involves mapping where crimes are committed in a given region and then applying extra police resources in areas considered hot spots. Advocated by former New York Police Commissioner William Bratton in the mid-1990s, the approach was credited as an important element in reducing crime in New York City by 60%.

A happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all – see you back here next week.


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One Response to “Medical Hotspotting: When Treating Patients Like Criminals Makes Sense”

  1. DJK said

    Bryce, great post on Hot Spotting! It must be a popular topic as I just blogged about it myself! I really do believe there is something to this – focusing intense efforts on the 5% that account for 50% of healthcare costs. It doesn’t addres some of the other problems in healthcare, but it certain makes sense as a way to put a finger in the dam. Best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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