Towers Watson Is Founding Member of Web Broker Consortium

December 10, 2014

Towers Watson and three other prominent web brokers (eHealth, GetInsured, and GoHealth) have announced the formation of the Association of Web-based Health Insurance Brokers (AWHIB). Towers Watson had previously gained distinction as one of the first companies to secure a web broker entity agreement with the federally facilitated marketplace in the lead-up to the first ACA open enrollment period.

The purpose of the group is to “advocate for key technical changes to enable the private sector to better facilitate the efficient enrollment of Americans in state and federal health insurance exchange marketplaces.”

The group will educate a broad range of audiences about the important role web brokers play in helping millions of Americans evaluate and select plans that best meet their needs and economic situations. AWHIB will reach out to consumers, insurers, regulators, lawmakers, and other industry groups to develop technologies and inform policy in order to provide Americans with access to the best health insurance products and services.

“Towers Watson helps employers connect employees and retirees who might not qualify for employer-sponsored insurance with public exchanges,” said Joe Murad, managing director with Towers Watson Exchange Solutions. “Our exchange works with these employees and retirees to examine their options, determine whether they qualify for subsidies and enroll in plans.”

“Through this association,” added Murad, “We will work with other leading web brokers to continually improve access to health insurance under the ACA so that more Americans can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their health care and financial futures are protected.”

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