Employers Plan to Expand Use of Onsite Health Centers

June 1, 2015

Confident that onsite or near-site health centers improve the health and productivity of their employees, nearly four in 10 (38%) employers that already have one or more plan to add new centers in the next two years.

This is according to the Towers Watson 2015 Employer-Sponsored Health Care Centers Survey of 120 employers, the majority of whom have onsite or near-site health facilities with the remaining planning to.

Onsite health centers are one way employers seek to improve employees’ access to health services and reduce health care costs. They also have the potential to improve employee productivity, by reducing the time employees spend driving to doctors appointments and sitting in offsite waiting rooms.

Onsite centers provide variety of services, including immunizations, care for acute conditions like upper respiratory and urinary tract infections, and blood draws. Many offer wellness services (86%) and lifestyle coaching (63%) to make behavioral changes. Half offer some kind of pharmacy services as well.

Looking to the future, 66% of employers surveyed plan to expand or enhance the services they already offer by 2018. Changes ahead include increased telemedicine services, outsourcing to vendors, and calculating health center ROI.

To read the press release announcing the availability of the full survey report, click here.

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