Towers Watson and Crossover Health Collaborate On Near-Site Employer Health Centers

November 5, 2015

Crossover Health and Towers Watson recently announced a collaboration to open near-site health centers to help employers provide improved access to health services for their employees. Crossover Health designs and delivers a unique employee care experience for employers through a comprehensive primary health offering. As part of this collaboration, Towers Watson provides implementation support, quality oversight and performance measurement services.

The first clinic opened on October 5th in Mountain View, California and is already fully subscribed by five leading employers, including tech leaders Intuit and Microsoft.

According to a recent study by Towers Watson, more than half (56%) of large employers have had onsite or near-site health centers for more than five years; an additional 66% plan to expand their onsite services. In addition, employers that already provide these types of facilities expressed confidence that health centers improve their employees’ health and productivity. Four in 10 (38%) of employers with existing onsite health centers plan to add new ones over the next two years.

“Employers welcome cost-effective and innovative solutions that keep employees healthy and productive, and the near-site option opens the opportunity for more employers to access this attractive offering,” said Andrew Halpert, M.D., a senior health care management consultant at Towers Watson. “Through a wide array of convenient and personalized services, the near-site health center provides a scalable alternative that can match the needs and programs of employers of all sizes. Working together with Crossover Health, we are looking forward to bringing this novel approach to our clients and delivering outstanding clinical and engagement results.”

To read the press release, click here.

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