If Done Right, Leave Programs Can Help Engage and Retain Key Talent

March 9, 2016

Some might think it’s counterintuitive to use a benefit that gets employees out of the office to keep them happy and engaged while they are in the office. But as Mary Tavarozzi, group benefit practice leader of Willis Towers Watson, explained in a recent bylined article for Employee Benefit News (EBN), a well-designed leave policy should do exactly that.

According to Tavarozzi, many satisfied and productive employees stay that way by not becoming burnt out and overworked on the job. These are the ones who take advantage of leave policies and want to come back.

Citing some generous leave policies that have made headlines recently from companies such as Netflix and Microsoft, Tavarozzi reviewed some of the many types of leaves employers can offer. At the same time, she noted that leaves are one of the most costly benefits employers can provide, and advised them to use caution when designing and implementing leave policies.

For employers looking to refresh or expand their leave policies to meet the changing needs of a more diverse workforce, Tavarozzi offered six tips for designing effective leave policies.

To read what Tavarozzi has to say, read the complete EBN article.

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