More Private Exchanges Adding Disease Management Programs

March 16, 2016

Three years after employers first began to adopt private health insurance exchanges for their active employees, exchange providers have expanded the focus of their offerings to include programs with the potential to improve health outcomes by engaging employees in their own health. Chief among them are disease management programs, which help employers identify which employees with expensive chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease need help in coordinating care for them and provide such help.

In a recent article in Employee Benefit News (EBN) on exchange-based disease management programs, Sherri Bockhorst, managing director of Exchange Solutions for Willis Towers Watson, said that employers adopting Willis Towers Watson’s OneExchange can opt in to delivering the company’s industry-leading Custom Care Management Unit (CCMU) on the exchange. Employers using CCMU have reduced hospital admissions by up to 30% per 1,000 lives and cut readmissions by up to 50%.

According to Bockhorst, CCMU offered on OneExchange means that mid-market employers now have access to a best-in-class comprehensive disease management program that has been traditionally been reserved for large employers.

Bockhorst also noted that disease management programs should be integrated with other well-being programs to ensure early intervention and to enable employees in an exchange “to make better decisions that keep them out of disease management.”
For the full article in EBN, click here.

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