Telemedicine Kiosks Bring The Doctor To The Workplace

June 27, 2016

A recent article in Kaiser Health News chronicled the rise of telemedicine and the convenience and access it gives to employees who might otherwise miss work for doctor’s appointments or to visit urgent care clinics.

Telemedicine kiosks enable doctors to take blood pressure and perform other basic functions remotely. Employers are increasingly embracing the kiosks as a way to give their employees easier access and to reduce cost. For example, the article cites a telemedicine visit that cost just $15, compared to a comparable appointment at an urgent care center, which would have cost as much as $50. In the past 18 months alone, health insurance provider Anthem has installed 34 kiosks at 20 companies.

However, even as adoption by employers becomes less of an obstacle, the challenge of educating employees remains, according to Dr. Allan Khoury, senior consultant for Willis Towers Watson, who was interviewed for the article. Usage remains low as employees are unsure of how the kiosks work, he said.

To fully reap the benefits of telemedicine in the workplace, the next development in telemedicine needs to be a low tech one — employee education.

To read the article in Kaiser Health News, click here.

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