Tech Company LivingSocial Switches to OneExchange

July 28, 2016

LivingSocial, a company that provides a global marketplace for online deals on a variety of services and activities, has partnered with Willis Towers Watson’s OneExchange, a private health insurance exchange, to provide health benefits to its active employees. The company previously worked with another exchange vendor but “costly problems and rising employee dissatisfaction with benefits made a benefit program change an absolute necessity,” according to a company spokesperson.

“Because we’re a tech company with a workforce composed mostly of tech-savvy Millennials, it’s crucial to give our employees a consumer-grade experience via technically advanced tools,” said senior vice president of HR, Colleen Wood. “For us to retain the talent we need in today’s tech market, advanced technology is essential in everything we do. And how our benefit programs are perceived in the market affects our ability to evolve and thrive as a company. During our competitive search, it became clear that Willis Towers Watson and OneExchange were best equipped to meet our needs.”

LivingSocial self-identifies as a company in transition in the midst of considerable business upheaval, but senior director of operations David Chianese expressed confidence in OneExchange as “the partner that’ll help you navigate the ups and downs to get where you need to go.”

A comprehensive case study of LivingSocial’s decision to switch to OneExchange, as well as advice to other employers considering a private health insurance exchange for their active employees, is available on the Willis Towers Watson website by clicking here.

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